July 8th-10th

Hello! Sorry it has been a while!  ** Parents if you told your child to write to you and they haven't yet don't fret! We're SOSOSOSOOSOSOSO busy!!!! Look how long it has taken me to find time to blog about all our activities. **  

Friday the 8th was very rainy (about 2 inches) and most of the day was spent indoors playing fun games in the lodge. For evening program that night we had a reverse scavenger hunt. Each cabin brought 10 items to help them act out scenarios. My favorite was an amusement park scenario done by cabin one; it was pretty funny!  Saturday, the 9th was beautiful so normal classes resumed. Now that the session is half over, the campers are working harder than ever and acting more determined in classes. Everyone wants to pass their swimming and boating levels :)

Last night for evening program we played another Wamah favorite, " Pirates".  The campers were split into two teams, Green and White. Each member on both teams was given a Wamah ‘Gun’ (a small rag filled with flour) and told to wear dark clothes. The object of the game is to try to capture as many guns as possible (by having pirate battles) and finding the other teams treasure. The campers travel through the woods in camp, within groups, looking for the treasure and looking out for the pirates on the other team. If they find a member on the other team they can run away or have a battle (they throw the flour gun at each other – this leaves a round flour mark on their dark clothes). The green team won last night by capturing the most guns and finding the white teams treasure.

Today was Track Meet! The two teams, green and white from last nights game, compete in standing long jump, running long jump, softball throw, 50 yard dash, the marathon (not 26 miles :D ), the Indian War Relay, swim races, and a few other games for evening program. Campers cheered for their teams and enjoyed a break from classes.  My favorite activity of track meet is the Indian War relay because everyone in camp is involved in it somehow. Still spit into green and white teams, campers run their teams baton from the camp Asto Wamah sign at the beginning of the camp road to main dock where they pass it to swimmers who swim between the rafts and hand it to boaters. From the boaters it gets passed to the canoes and from them the baton goes all the way to Hungerford cove. From Hungerford cove the baton is run to pollywog dock where senior swimmers swim to the finish line. The best part of all this is that once each camper has done their part in the relay they all sit on the dock and cheer loudly in support of their teammates.  Needless to say we’re all dragging our feet to our bunks tonight :)


- The Birch Blogger