July 11th

Today was another beautiful day on Columbia Lake! Campers had bagels and cereal for breakfast, ziti and salad for dinner, Hamburgers for supper, and cheesecake for dessert! Classes were tough today for a few level six swimmers who had to swim 20 laps but they all completed it and did a great job.  Sailors out on the lake played a cannon game. Two balls were given to each sailboat and the sailors had to try to hit the main sail on each other’s boats. Once hit, that sailboat has to give up all their balls to the sailboat that hit them. The goal is to end up with as many cannon balls as possible. This was really to get them practicing their control within the boats. The sailors had to work on jibing, coming about, tacking, and maneuvering based on wind speed and direction to pick up the cannon balls in the water. The game the camp is playing this evening is King Dodge. It is a dodge ball game where once you get hit you go to jail on the enemy’s side on the A- field. Once there you’re not out for long because once a dodge ball rolls into jail all you have to do is hit a member of the opposing team whose backs are turned. Campers go back and forth from jail to their team sides on the field and the team with the most people not in jail wins!  Today was also the final day to submit articles for Asto Wamah’s annual newspaper, “The Birch Barker”. Campers have submitted stories and pictures for it and yesterday's track meet results will also be published inside it. The Birch Barker will be distributed at Thursday’s Banquet. I can hardly believe that it is Monday! The consensus around camp is that time is flying! That’s all for now!  

- The Birch Blogger