July 7th

Another hot day on the lake but no one minded here! Campers were swimming and enjoying the blue skies out on/in the water. The campers are enjoying their classes and working hard to prefect strokes, memorize key boating terms, and complete projects. Today campers enjoyed cereal and English muffins, followed by a dinner of chicken fingers, rice, and corn, and finished with grilled cheese sandwiches with carrot sticks and applesauce for supper( ...and chocolate cake for dessert mmmm!!!!) . The campers also had the chance to go sailing on The Hunter ( a larger sailboat here at camp), jump off the tower, play soccer, or go play aquarium games for activity period earlier this afternoon. For evening program the campers played "Spies and Smugglers" ( a Wamah Favorite!)  Campers are split into two teams one are spies and are trying to guess where the smugglers have hidden a piece of paper with a certain amount of points written on it. The smugglers have to hide the paper in a pocket,shoe, a rolled up sock, and try to get to our A-Field from the flag pole without getting tagged by the spies.  The two teams get turns being both spies and smugglers.It is a lot of fun! Now we're going to have a quick dip in the lake before bed! Goodnight!

-The Birch Blogger