June 29th

Hello Birch Blog Readers, As the first session begins to come to a close campers are finally beginning to get used to the routine.  They are also beginning to realize that their fun filled days at camp are limited. For breakfast we had cornbread and cereal. Campers continue to soldier on through classes everyday, improving their swimming strokes and boating skills. In arts and crafts, progress is being made on pillows and baskets and on the A-field campers are working as teams. For lunch we had lasagna (my favorite camp meal) with salad. After perhaps one of the most filling meals, rest hour was a breeze. The beautiful weather this week has also made it extremely easy for the campers to jump in the lake for general swim. For activity period volleyball, kickball, stand-up paddle boards, and going out on the hunter we just a few of the things offered by counselors. On Wednesdays the Kitchen Staff and Sue the cook have their day off after the noontime meal. This meant campers had to make a sandwich and place it into their cabin's picnic basket for Eat Out. During Eat Out counselors take their cabins to unique places to eat supper and sing songs. For instance cabin two and cabin eight ate out on the two rafts. Other cabins ate on the various docks around camp and some even ate at campsites. For evening program campers were excited for Pirate Gangs! In this game there are very large boundaries, and most of the game is played throughout the woods. The camp is split into two teams, the X-faces and the Plain Faces (distinguished by a red X on one of their cheeks) Every camper is given a Camp Asto Wamah "gun" (a rag filled with flour) which is thrown at the other team. Campers are asked to wear dark clothing so they can see whether they have been "shot" by an opposing player. When a camper is "shot" they give their gun to the player that "shot" them.There is also a neon green jug hidden in the woods for each team to find. This "treasure" is worth points added to the score at the end of the game. Unfortunately, the treasure was hidden too well and neither team was able to find it. The final part of the game involves finding trash in the woods. Since camp prides itself on the pristine forest, it only seems right to give the team who finds the most trash during the game an additional ten points. The night ended with a quick dip and delicious watermelon! Yumm!

-Kyle Macsuga (co-smallcraft director)