June 28th

Howdy All, Yesterday at camp we continued our usual schedule in the morning. We had cereal and bagels for breakfast. During counselor's swim, one of the times during the day when campers have free time, many children went out in boats to practice rowing. Other campers attempted to land a trophy fish from either Fisherman's Dock or Cook's Dock. For lunch the meal was Swedish Meatballs, mashed potatoes, and corn. After lunch was finished a special entertainer came to camp. The act called Bwana Iguana came to camp and showed the campers some exotic reptiles immediately following rest hour. Animals displayed during the show included a snapping turtle, corn snakes, a black king snake, an American Alligator, an iguana, and the largest reptile, Mellow Yellow, an eight-foot albino python from Asia. Since this performer came, there was no fourth period, and the campers went straight to activity period. Activities offered included: going out on the hunter, stand-up paddle boards, jumping off the tower, and the Zumba. Many campers also took advantage of this free time to practice their boating skills. For dinner we ate grilled cheese and tomato soup. For evening program we played Spies and Smugglers, a game in which campers attempt to smuggle papers with varying point values up to the A-Field from the flag pole. The paper with the point values are hidden in the campers pockets, shoes, shirt tags, bandannas, and other creative spots. If tagged, players stop and the spies attempt to guess where the paper is hidden three times. If they do not guess the correct location, the smugglers are sent on their way and the game continues.