Beginning of Boys Camp! July 3rd -5th

Greetings from Camp Asto Wamah! Camp is off to a great start, the weather is beautiful here and we've all been swimming, boating, and playing games outdoors! The first day of boys camp, Sunday the 3rd, the new campers were tested to see what swimming level they would be in for classes and then we had a quick general swim for all campers before a delicious dinner, or supper as we call it here at Wamah, of hot dogs and beans followed by brownies for dessert, YUM!  There was a little rain around supper time so for our evening program we had carnival games inside (musical chairs, card games, etc). The campers had to try to win play money to buy a treat( ice pops!), then it was off to bed. There were many fireworks going off that night on the lake so for some it took much longer to get to sleep. The next morning (the fourth of July) campers were up at 7:30 and got ready for breakfast (cereal and blueberry bread) at 8am. That day was the first day of swimming, boating, arts and crafts, and sports classes. We played medical wars on the A-field ( a doge ball game) for evening program.  The supper was chicken patties and because it was a holiday we all ate ice cream sundaes later that night after watching a few fireworks by the lake.

Today, the fifth of July, we all had a harder time getting up, being wiped out from the previous day's activities.  Breakfast consisted of french toast and all the campers enjoyed getting to boat and work on their baskets, t- shirts, and bracelets a little longer because they had already heard all the activity directions/rules yesterday.  The campers are already beginning to understand the routine and schedule here at Asto Wamah. Tonight we are having chicken fajitas and I predict that the game will be capture the flag (although it hasn't been announced yet). That's all for now! Check back tomorrow!

- The Birch Blogger