Asto Wamah Winter Updates

Dear Asto Wamah  Alumni, Campers, Parents, and Friends, February was a very busy month for Asto Wamah.  We began the month by mailing the 2011 brochure.  Since then, registration has been strong.   As we enter March, the all boys’ session (July 3 to July 16) and the first girls’ session (July 17 to July 30) are full with waiting lists growing.  There are still a few places for girls and boys in the one-week coed session (June 26 to July 2) and the two-week all girls’ session (July 31 to August 13).  All indicators point to a great summer at Asto Wamah.  For more information about availability please email or use our Contact Camp page.

February was also a time of snow removal, lots of snow removal.   There was the Camp Road and the roofs.  Have you ever thought about how many roofs are at camp?  Would you believe 27?  Obviously some are large and others are small, but the good news is all survived.  When the Lodge roof was shoveled off (we hired someone to do that HUGE job) there were over 30 inches of snow on it.  That snow is still in tall piles around the Lodge, hopefully to melt soon.  Several of us will be at a Camp Fair at REI in West Hartford’s Blueback Square on Saturday, March 12th from 3 to 5 PM.  We’d love to see you.  Bring a friend.