Winter at Camp Asto Wamah

Dear Asto Wamah Alumni, Campers, Parents, and Friends, If you are now living in CT, you can understand how when I look out of my windows I wonder if summer will ever actually arrive this year. The 2011 Asto Wamah brochure was mailed today.  It feels surreal to be thinking about warm weather, swimming in Columbia Lake and playing on the field.  Camp is presently awash in snow.  Deep snow!  Endless snow!  But experience tells us that before too long the days will warm, the snow will melt, flowers will bloom and summer will return.

We are looking forward to a summer filled with laughter, good friendships and fun in both work and play.  In other words, a summer as usual at Asto Wamah. Although the physical plant is in hibernation, all else is in high gear.

Many thanks to all those who were able to continue their support of Camp through a 2010 donation to the Anniversary Fund.  The Fund grows and will help us meet our pressing goal of upgrading our bathroom facility in 2011.  The momentum of the 100th Anniversary celebration is alive and well.  We are truly grateful for your long memories and generous spirits. In case you are curious about how Mother Nature has treated Asto Wamah so far this winter, take a look at these pictures to learn the cold truth.

Warmly, Nancy