April Update

Greetings to All Asto Wamah Fans, Now that April is here, camp is looking more hospitable.  There are only a few small piles of snow that don’t seem to want to let go.   Other than those, the grass on the field is getting green, any mud that we had has dried up, and the lake is on the rise.   Lots of projects are underway to make sure camp is ready and looks wonderful for your arrival.

In the beginning of March I reported that there were still places in several sessions.  At this time, the only session with openings is coed.  There are a few places for boys and very few for girls.  All other sessions are full with waiting lists.  If you have a friend who has not registered yet, the waiting list can be a successful way to get into a session.  It means you need to be patient, but openings do come and in most seasons lots of people are accepted off a waiting list.

In addition to the places for campers, the staff positions are filling up as well.  Many of last summer’s staff will be returning as well as a good number of the 2010 LTs.  Work is being done everyday to make sure that not only the facility is ready, but that the program is in place with capable people to run the various activities that are offered.  Asto Wamah is a buzz with activity now.

I hope you enjoy the early April photos that I took.  If you compare these pictures to the ones from early March you will see quite a difference.  Note how much the lake has come up!

Hope you are well and looking forward to the end of June and the beginning of the 2011 season as much as I am.

Always, Nancy