Boys Camp 2010 Day 8

Yesterday, the campers selected team captains for today’s track meet. The green and white teams faced off this morning in the running long jump, the standing long jump, the softball throw, and fifty yard dash. Rest hour was held as usual after the traditional lunch of ham, noodles and corn. After rest hour and the half-mile marathon, campers assembled at the flag pole for the Indian War Relay, where the green and white team relay their respective batons through camp, with runners, boaters and swimmers racing each other. In a very close race, the white team won by only inches. Afterwards, the camp held a brief general swim to cool off.

Campers are now off to activity period, where they can jump off the tower, play aquarium games, or participate in foosball, tetherball and knock hockey tournaments. This evening we will have green and white cake in honor of track meet, and then play pirates for evening program.

- Julia