Boys Camp 2010 Day 7

Because of the rain on Thursday afternoon, instead of General Swim, the camp played a game of non-stop cricket. Fourth period and activity period were held outdoors, as scheduled, with campers braving the cooler weather to jump off the tower and sail. Fishing off of rafts, badminton and tie dying were other activities offered. Friday brought warmer weather and sports classes played football, basketball, and kickball. In arts and crafts, campers worked on hemp bracelets, embroidery floss, and wood burning. Some of the boys in Seniors are working with Nancy to lash furniture out of wood they collected; they are making tables and chairs for campsites. Yesterday’s evening program was Triad, a game of three-way soccer with teams formed by cabins.

Tonight cabins will again eat out for supper. Yesterday, all cabins selected and cleaned up a campsite for tonight’s meal of hotdogs and s’mores. Campers also collected kindling they will use to build a fire at their campsites.

- Julia