Boys Camp 2010 Day 4

With excellent wind on the lake Tuesday afternoon, many in camp took advantage of the camp’s sailboats— the larger “Hunter” and several smaller Sunfish—during fourth period and activity period afterwards. The evening’s game was the always popular spies and smugglers, where two teams take turns “smuggling” papers to the A-field, while the other team (spies) tries to catch them and guess where the smugglers have hidden their papers; if they guess correctly they capture the other team’s points. Wednesday evening was Eat Out, where cabins eat supper together outside of the lodge at locations their counselors choose in advance. Campers made sandwiches in advance and then had the opportunity to eat at campsites, on docks, and even on the camp’s rafts on the lake.

Having just cleaned their cabins, campers are now finishing up camp duties while waiting for first period class. As camp is seeing some much needed rain, there is a chance morning classes will be held indoors.

- Julia