Boys Camp 2010

Boys camp has gotten off to a great start. Campers arrived Sunday afternoon and quickly settled into their new cabins and got to know each other and their cabin counselors through icebreakers. Following tours, campers were introduced to Nancy, the camp director, and other camp staff including the camp cook, Sue. Next, new campers were classified into swimming levels before heading up to the A-field for a game of “Run Around Town.” Sunday evening saw the traditional first night meal of hot dogs, tater tots and brownies, followed by a dodge ball game called “Medical War.” Monday was the first full day of camp, and campers quickly settled into their new schedules. Sports activities included wiffle ball and soccer, and campers made “monster” bags and boxes, hemp bracelets and bead bracelets in arts and crafts. Campers also began swimming and boating classes. After lunch and rest hour, everyone went in for a general swim and then to fourth period. Activities offered included jumping off the camp’s 12 foot tower, water games in aquarium, fishing, and badminton.

Campers have just finished cleaning their cabins and helping with camp duties, and are playing games like tetherball and knock hockey before heading to first period classes: swimming for lakeside, sports for seniors, and arts and crafts for hilltop.

- Julia