Coed Session 3, Day 5

Yesterday we had periods of sunshine and clouds.  We got lucky because the light rain did not persist through the afternoon as it did in the morning.  For lunch yesterday we had texas hash (casserole) with pudding for dessert.  The campers enjoyed rest hour and store followed by 4th period classes of boating, arts and crafts and sports.  The girls had a great time playing kickball on the Athletic Field.  The boys are enjoying working on arts and crafts projects such as making bracelets using gimp, string, and and hemp.  For dinner last night we had chicken patties with peach crisp for dessert.  For the evening program the campers played a camp favorite, Pirates.  In this game both teams were engaging in fake gun battle and looking for their treasure to earn the most points for their team.  After this exciting game of Pirates the campers enjoyed a quick dip in the lake before bedtime. Today is a gorgeous day.  The campers had waffles with peanut butter or butter and syrup for breakfast.  (A very popular breakfast among the campers and staff!)  Today the campers worked hard in their boating and swimming classes to perfect their skills in order to pass into the next level.  It is very hard for the campers to learn all the necessary skills in one week but some were able to pass and those campers who passed into the intermediate level will be able to jump off the tower today during activity period! For todays lunch we had chicken fingers and rice with chocolate pudding pie for dessert.  We had perfect weather for this session of camp! Tonight we will have our traditional camp fire where the campers can enjoy s'mores and songs while the counselors give out year awards and boating and swimming awards!!  It will be an exciting and memorable night for the campers.

Tomorrow the campers will be picked up between 8:30 and 10:00 AM!

-Emma Tuthill