Coed Session 3, Day 4

Yesterday we enjoyed a beautiful day with lots of wind perfect for sailing!  For yesterdays lunch we had a camp favorite, shepards pie, salad, and bread.  After lunch we had the regular store, rest hour and general swim.  For activity period the counselors offered games such as ultimate frisbee, tye dye, fishing, sailing on the sunfish and jumping of the tower.  For last nights dinner we had eat out.  In the past we have just had the campers switch tables to to meet other campers that he/she has not met before but this year we decided that it would be more fun for the campers to eat their dinner outside with their cabin.  During activity period the campers came to the upper lodge periodically to make their sandwich for eat out.  The counselors packed a picnic basket with all of the sandwiches, grapes, cookies, potato chips, and lemonade.  Each cabin ate at a different site around camp grounds.  Some cabins ate on rafts, docks, or in the gazebo.  The campers really enjoyed this way of eating out.  For last nights game we played Camper Counselor Hunt.  This is a big game of hide and go seek.  Last night we played the first round where the campers had to search around camp looking for the counselors who were hiding in sand pits, under the stairs, and other locations around camp.  The campers really enjoyed looking for the counselors during the game.  Following the game the campers had a quick dip before watching trivia in the lodge.  Yesterday Nancy gave the campers the opportunity to sign up to play trivia while those who were not playing were able to watch.  There were two counselors and about six campers on each team.  This was a fun way to end the evening. This morning we have had some light rain.  It looks like we won't get much more rain but hopefully the sun will come out behind the clouds so we can enjoy another beautiful day!  This morning we had blueberry bread, cereal, orange juice and hot chocolate for breakfast.  We will continue with normal morning classes unless the rain picks up and we will move the classes inside.

-Emma Tuthill