Coed Session 3, Day 3

Yesterday we had beautiful weather all day.  For lunch we had meatballs, mashed potatoes, and carrots with peaches for dessert.  After our big meal the campers had store then rest hour followed by general swim.  After the swim all of the girls went to the ropes course to engage in fun challenges where the campers work together to solve a problem using an element on the course.  The ropes course is always a favorite among the girls during sports class.  The lakeside boys went out in boats, canoes, and sailboats and the senior boys worked on their arts and crafts projects.  After 4th period the counselors offered fun activities such as jumping of the tower, wiffle ball, and sailing on the sunfish and the Hunter (our 17ft white sailboat).  I went on the Hunter with our smallcraft director and the campers that signed up for that day.  Although it was not as windy as we would of liked all the campers enjoyed themselves!  Last night for super we had pizza, applesauce, and carrots with cheesecake for dessert.  For last nights game the camp split into two teams and we had a game of spys and smugglers where the smugglers try to bring pieces of paper with points up to the A-field and the spys try to capture their points before the smugglers get to the A-field (Athletic Field).  Both teams get a chance to be both spys and smugglers.  The campers were hot after the game so they enjoyed a quick dip before bedtime. It looks like we will have another gorgeous day at Columbia Lake.  We are already having great weather for this session.  This morning the campers had english muffins and cereal for breakfast.  Following breakfast the campers had a chance to move bunks if he/she wanted to do so and we will start off with our normal morning classes of boating, swimming, arts and crafts and sports at 10:00 am.

- Emma Tuthill