Coed Session 3, Day 2

The weather was beautiful yesterday.  After lunch of ziti, salad, and rolls with butterscotch pudding for dessert the campers lined up by cabin for store.  At store we encourage the campers to get only items that he/she needs.  The items at the store include toothpaste, toothbrush, flashlight, water bottles, envelopes, stamps, and the campers can also choose to get a candy!  After store the campers enjoy rest hour where he/she sits on his/her bunk for an hour without speaking and listens to music, writes letters, reads a book, or takes a nap.  This is a silent time that all of the campers learn to enjoy as the session goes on.  After rest hour the campers were eager to go swimming for general swim.  After the swim we continued with 4th period classes:  the girls had sports on the Athletic Field, the lakeside boys had boating, and the senior boys had arts and crafts.  After fourth period the counselors offered a number of activities for the campers to enjoy during their free time.  Some of the activities were jumping of the tower, kick ball, basketball, and a knock hockey tournament.  During this time many of the boys chose to go fishing in boats and on the docks.  For dinner last night we had grilled cheese, chicken noodle soup, applesauce, and carrots with chocolate cake for dessert.  Last night the campers enjoyed an exhilarating game of capture the flag that is played on the Athletic Field and on paths in the woods. It looks like we will have another gorgeous day today.  For breakfast the campers had corn bread and cereal.  This morning we will continue with regular morning classes which include sports, arts and crafts, boating, and swimming.

- Emma Tuthill