Coed Session 3, First Day

The campers arrived a bit after noon yesterday, and quickly settled into their bunks and began to meet their fellow campers. After camp tours and icebreakers to get to know each other better, campers, counselors, and staff met in the Council Ring, where Nancy Maclean, Camp Director, welcomed new and returning campers and introduced herself, the counselors and staff. Once new campers had been classified as either Aquarium, Intermediate, or Deep Water swimmers, the entire camp went up to the A Field (Athletic Field) for an exciting game of non-stop cricket. Following the traditional first-night supper of hot dogs, tater tots, baked beans and brownies, campers trekked to the A-field to hear the rules of Medical War, an exciting game of dodgeball. Campers were eager to take a “Quick Dip” in the lake to cool down after the game.

After a 7:30AM wake-up on Monday, campers began their first full day of camp. After a breakfast of french toast, campers and their counselors worked together to clean their cabins and camp before morning classes: Swimming, Smallcraft, Sports, and Arts and Crafts. With the warm weather, we expect the campers to be eager to get into the water again today.  Around noon the campers will eat lunch, and have Store, and Rest Hour.  We look forward to a first full successful day of camp.

-Emma (LT Director)