Boys Camp 2010 Day 9

Today is Pirate Day at camp, so cabins came to flag raising before breakfast dressed as pirates, and some even planned skits. Cabin 8 defended their buried treasure and raised their flag, then cabin 3 took back control of the flagpole by raising their own. Cabin 7 made a grand entrance, boating into the swimming area and storming the docks. The kitchen staff even got in on the act demanding campers give them all their gold for chocolate chip bread. Classes today also have a pirate theme, with sports classes playing “cannonball drop” (spud) or “Pirate Ninja Star Toss” (ultimate Frisbee). Swimming classes “walked the plank” before their usual classes, and in arts and crafts cabins are competing to construct pirate ships they will launch into the swimming area tomorrow morning once they dry. Cabin 4 made a double-decker boat out of popsicle sticks, cardboard, and tape.

For activity period, campers can take part in pirate wars to retrieve a captured princess, walk the plank from the tower, or play cannonball wars on the a-field. This evening will continue the theme with a camp wide treasure hunt. Cabins will compete as a team.

- Julia