February Update

Dear Asto Wamah Followers,

We are now entering an exciting time of the year for Asto Wamah.  February is when registration begins and we look forward to the return of ‘old’ campers and the anticipation of new campers.  Program supplies and equipment are being ordered and new adventures in programming are being planned.  2018 will be an awesome summer!

This season’s registration will be done online for the first time in the camp’s history.  When you go to the camp’s website (www.campastowamah.org) you will find a link to the 2018 Registration.  Hopefully this process will be easy to navigate and less cumbersome than the old paper and pen method.

When it comes to health forms, we are hoping that you will be able to successfully download the forms and then return them digitally or you can always send then via Fax (860-327-5618) or mail to Camp Asto Wamah 42 Rt. 87, Columbia, CT 06237.  The Exam Record will need to be signed by the pediatrician and cannot be over 2 years old.  The Authorization for the Administration of Medication is only required if you are bringing medication(s) to camp with you. The signatures of the prescribing physician and the parent are needed.  A new form is needed for each medication brought.  The software program will be able to collect these forms digitally and you will be able to check to verify that your forms are all in.

We strive to facilitate a smooth check-in process.  On arrival day there will be 2 lines – those without medications and those with medications.  It is helpful when forms arrive early so issues/problems can be addressed before check-in.

For all of you who have told friends and school mates etc. about Asto Wamah THANK YOU!  You are our best form of advertisement!

Thinking about you and dreaming about warm days and friends at CAW:)

All best,
Nancy Maclean, Camp Administrator

P.S.  It was a great disappointment to the staff and many campers that the Camp Reunion planned for January 6th had to be cancelled.  We have no control over Mother Nature.  Hopefully next January’s event will be a go!