March Update

March 2018

Dear Friends of Asto Wamah,

Thank you for tuning in to get the monthly update!

February has always been a hectic month at camp with the opening of registration for the new season.  This year however broke all records.  For the first time ever we went to an online registration.  Within 4 days, 160 campers had registered!  By the end of the month all sessions were close to being full and some have a waiting list.  I have to admit that I could never have predicted how quickly the registration would go.

If you are on a waiting list and would like to know where you stand, please email me and I will attempt to give you an idea of your chances.  Every summer we are able to move campers from the waiting list to fully registered.  It just takes time and you need to be patient.

Staff contracts are soon being sent to 81 individuals who have expressed interest in working at camp this summer.  One hundred percent of the staff are returning from last year’s staff or from the 2017 LT program.  They will bring with them the enthusiasm and dedication that the CAW staff is famous for.  This summer is going to include some new programming ideas specially designed to engage and inform the entire camp community.  More on that in future months.

This winter’s ice is now totally off Columbia Lake.  The water is beginning to rise and lap at the supports at the end of the main dock.  These are the signs of the approach of spring.  And then there is summer:)

I am hopeful that you are healthy, happy and thinking about Asto Wamah and summer fun!

Take care,
Nancy Maclean

P.S. Save the date: May 26, 2018 Open Camp Day!  Details to come.