January Update

Happy New Year from Camp Asto Wamah!

Wishing you and yours a New Year filled with good friends and family, health and happiness, and time to appreciate it all!

This is an exciting time as the camp year is about to officially begin.  Within a week, everyone on our mailing list will be receiving our newly formatted ‘brochure’.  The brochure looks more like a big postcard and contains only the essential details of the upcoming season.  Its purpose is to direct those interested in attending camp to the online registration process (please note: registration does not open until February 1st). We are hoping you will find this modern method easier and less cumbersome than the previous method used for the last 107 years. This process is new and there may be snags. Please be patient and email or call if you have a problem.

Plans and preparations for the summer of 2018 are well underway.  The old-time favorites will be back along with some exciting additions to the program that we know you will like.  Remember: if you haven’t “spread the word”, there is still time.  We count on you!

Right now, Asto Wamah is in the middle of a deep freeze. I have included two pictures that may surprise you.  One is taken from the flagpole and the other gives you a view of what the lake looks like at its winter level.  The White Raft rides out the winter in the sailing area so it isn’t broken apart by the moving ice.  More pictures will accompany the February Blog.

It is just about a week until the Camp Reunion.  The date is Saturday, January 6th from 1:00 to 3:00 at Center Church House, 60 Gold Street in Hartford.  The Church House is located one block west of the Wadsworth Atheneum and at the edge of Bushnell Park (near the ice skating area).  Staff from camp will be on the sidewalk of Gold Street to welcome you.  Parking in the area barely exists so we will be vigilant taking you from your parent’s car and returning you back at 3:00.           

Hope you can come!  We will be playing games, eating ice cream, and reconnecting with summer friends.  It is always fun!  (If you have not made a reservation come anyway!)

Stay warm and well.  Summer is on its way!