Girl's Session 2, Day 3

ahoy there everyone, To recap on what happened yesterday: All classes throughout the day were pretty normal in the morning. It was pretty windy with the sun shining through the dark and ominous clouds every few minutes (this made for fantastic sailing weather). For lunch we ate some delicious chicken  tenders with rice and green beans. For the more adventurous campers barbecue sauce was thrown into the mix to give the rice a bit of a twang. For dessert we had peaches.

We were fortunate enough to have the weather hold out for most of the afternoon. Rest hour and general swim went on as usual. However, by the time general swim ended, rain began to fall. Unfortunately this meant that all boating classes had to be moved into upper lodge, where we played boating bingo. Also, because of the rain, many of the activity periods which were offered had to be altered. So instead of jumping off the tower and and playing games on the field, instead we played card and board games, like apples to apples and catchphrase in the lodge. Yoga, which is turning out to be quite popular with many of the girls, was still held in the activity room.

For dinner we had meatball grinders, applesauce, carrots featuring zucchini. And for dessert we had cheesecake. YUM!

Since the A-field was wet, we played a game called Murder by Night. This fictional murder mystery game had campers going all over camp in groups led by LTs to interview all possible counselor suspects. Unfortunately (since it was my day off) I was the murder victim. My own sister killed me with an oarlock. =(

This morning drury clouds passed of the lake and rain began to fall. This will not stop of from doing our normal morning classes. I expect all boaters to have a fun time rowing around in the rain.

-Kyle, Smallcraft Director