Girls 2nd Session, Day 2

Yesterday the campers enjoyed a general swim after rest hour.  Following general swim, the girls on hilltop enjoyed a game on the field, the girls on lakeside went boating, and the senior girls went to arts and crafts.   Today the girls were able to sign up to go on our sailboat called the "hunter," to go on a sunfish or to go on our new stand up paddle boards during activity period.  Many campers took the opportunity to sign up for these fun activities.  During activity period the campers engaged in activities such as jumping of the tower, aquarium games, and volleyball.  Last night's meal was tacos with chocolate cake for desert!! After dinner the campers enjoyed a fun-filled game of capture the flag on the A-field. Today, the campers woke up at 7:30 and enjoyed a blueberry bread and cereal breakfast at 8 am.  The campers had a regular morning of cabin cleanup, swimming, boating, sports and arts and crafts.  The wind picked up this morning so it was great for sailing!  The sun is coming out from behind the clouds and it looks like it will be another successful day at Camp Asto Wamah!

-Emma (LT Director)