Girls Session 2, Day 4

Yesterday the rain held off and the campers engaged in normal morning activities such as boating, swimming, sports, and arts and crafts.  The noon time meal was meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and carrots.  The campers enjoyed italian ice for desert.  After rest hour, the rain continued to hold off for general swim.  The campers really enjoyed swimming in the lake because of the hot and humid weather.  We only experienced a little bit of drizzling rain yesterday, so all activities were played according to plan.  For activity period a lot of activities took place in the water such as jumping of the tower, paddle boarding, and going on the hunter (our sailboat). Prior to dinner yesterday evening each camper made their own sandwich with the help of the staff to prepare for their cabin picnics.  Each cabin chose a spot on camp property to take their cabin out for eat out.  The campers enjoyed sandwiches, chips, grapes, pickles, and cookies for dinner.  This is the first year we have tried this way of eating out and the campers really enjoyed themselves.  For evening program, a camp favorite, spys and smugglers was played where the campers attempted to bring pieces of paper with points on the paper from the flagpole to the A-field without being tagged or getting their paper stolen by the spys.  Each camper was given a chance to be a spy and a smuggler.  Last night were enjoyed a cooler night for sleeping! For breakfast this morning we had corn bread and cereal.  This morning is cloudy but the forecast looks like we will have sun today! :)

-Emma, LT Director