Girls Session, Day 6

Last evening, after a supper of fajitas and cheesecake for dessert, campers and counselors faced off in a game of Cops and Robbers. Campers, the robbers, attempt to evade counselors, the cops, who capture their papers by tagging them and guessing the correct color of the paper. Campers gain points by finding their pair or triple, people whose number matches on the paper. The counselors topped the campers with a final score of 183 to 80 points. This morning, sports classes played games using a parachute because of the heat. Arts and crafts classes made pencil holders and vases for paper flowers out of cardboard boxes. Lunch was pork chops, mashed potatoes, applesauce, summer squash, and apple pie. Activities offered this afternoon are water polo, Frisbee golf, learning embroidery floss, and ropes course.

It was announced at lunch that next Tuesday will be the camp’s talent night, where campers and cabins will showcase skits, songs, and other talents. This evening campers will supper at campsites they have cleaned out with their cabins, eating hot dogs and making s’mores.

-Julia (Cabin 8 )