A Gift for Nancy Maclean

On July 1st members of the Camp Asto Wamah 100th Anniversary committee presented Nancy Maclean with a gift to honor her dedication and leadership during the more than 40 years she has served as camp director, as well as for the leadership, guidance and encouragement she provided the anniversary committee in preparing for the anniversary celebration.  The committee’s gift was a watercolor painting by the New Hartford artist, Priscilla Tonkin Marshall, who is president of the New Hartford Art League.  The painting is a collage that was based on photos taken at camp during the 2009 summer season. In addition to memorable camp images such as the lodge and the lake, the painting incorporates the camp motto, “Remember the Other Fellow.”  The committee expressed their deep appreciation for all that Nancy has contributed to Asto Wamah and their hopes that she will enjoy her painting for years to come.

Group Photo:

Back row, from left: Mary Ellen Tuthill Jacobs, David Maclean, Chris Maclean, Jen Person, and MaryLee Dunn

Front row, from left: Mary Beth Carlo Hoffman, Harry Sanders, chairman of the Asto Wamah camp committee, Sabrina Sanders, Kathy Carlo Joppru and Nancy Maclean.