Girls Session, Day 5

On Thursday evening, campers played an intense game of King Dodge; a type of dodge ball game where those who get out go to a “jail” behind the opposing side. To free herself from jail, a player must get someone on the opposing side out, using balls thrown over by her teammates, and also sending that player over to her own team’s jail. A quick-paced and exciting game, multiple rounds were played, with the White team emerging as the overall winner. Today, sports classes played kickball and soccer, and Lakeside cabins went on tow low ropes course elements. For arts and crafts, campers began projects with gimp and hemp, and continued their geckos; a new group of girls began making baskets. A great day for sailing, Seniors’ sailing took out the Hunter, the camp’s medium-sized sailboat. Nearing the halfway point of the session, campers are making excellent progress in swimming classes.

Activities offered today include jumping off the tower, bocce (a ball game), and singing songs with the LT’s. Additionally, cabins have started clearing out campsites for tomorrow evening’s Eat Out. This time, all cabins will build a fire, eat hotdogs, and make s’mores for dinner. Campers and counselors are all looking forward to this new experience.

-Julia (Cabin 8 )