Girls Session, Day 3

Last night’s Evening Program, Spies and Smugglers, saw an overwhelming victory for the “White Team,” and gave new campers an introduction to woods’ games. Many campers once again took a quick dip, even thought the weather is beginning to cool. Campers today played kickball and handball in sports classes, made bead geckos in arts and crafts, and swam in the lake, which has remained fairly warm. Activities offered will be badminton, jumping off the tower, and volleyball. Additionally, staff will take out several campers in Sunfish, a smaller type of sailboat seating three, and a larger group in the camp’s medium-sized sailboat, the Hunter.

Tonight’s supper will bring back an old camp tradition for the first time in many years. Instead of switching tables in the lodge for “Eat Out,” cabins will eat together outdoors. Campers are all making themselves a sandwich to take to a place chosen by their counselors. Everyone is looking forward to supper at campsites around camp, on docks, and even on rafts on the lake.

-Julia (Cabin 8 )