Columbia Lake

With only one week left in March, the lake is taking on a different look.  At least different from what it looked like all winter. By November, the gate at the dam is opened and the lake begins a rather rapid change.  Within a few weeks the water has retreated from the summer-time shore line and eventually the intermediate area and the aquarium are a dry, pebbly beach.  You can stand at the end of Main Dock without getting your feet wet.  Both rafts which had been brought to shore in September are now sitting on the ground.  It is a wonderful time to look for lost jewelry, barrettes, and other small missing items.  All winter, Frog Island actually looks like an island, sitting above the surface of a now much smaller lake.

April will soon be here.   The lake grows, slowly returning to its normal size and depth.  That change is a sure sign that summer is on its way.  The rafts will be rowed out into the lake and anchored in place.  Soon swimmers will be enjoying the clear, clean water of Columbia Lake.  It won't be long before Asto Wamah's boats, canoes and sailboats will be skimming the surface.  Camp time is coming!  We hope to see you at camp this summer!

Nancy Maclean, director