What's Happening at CAW?

There is a lot going on at Asto Wamah now.  Columbia Lake is very full, the leaves are about to spring forth and green is sprouting everywhere.  Obviously that is all the result of Mother Nature. Many people are also at work to wake camp up for a winter's sleep and get ready for the 2010 season.  The water, which is drained from the pipes during the cold weather, is now turned back on.  That means places like the kitchen and johns can be cleaned and made ready.  You will notice a brighter look in the infirmary this summer.  In an effort to make it a more comfortable and inviting place for our wonderful nurses to live and work in, we have painted and spruced the place up a bit.  The A-field has already been mowed and the grass is thick and very green.  That's a great start.

On April 24th, many volunteers will come to camp to clean all the cabins, wash the windows in the Lodge and rake the tons of leaves that cover the ground.  This is Asto Wamah's traditional work day and the results are always amazing.

We are clearly on the path toward a fresh, new season at camp, filled with fun, challenges and friendships.  Hope you will be with us for the adventure.

Nancy Maclean, camp director

P.S. There are still openings in the first session of girls camp - June 27 to July 10.  Spread the word.  Thank you.