The First Blog of the 101st Season

It is time to start blogging again.  I am planning to write at least once a week until summer gets nearer and there is more to report.   At that point I will pick up the pace. Registration began in early February.  Right now the only session with openings is the first session.  It runs from June 27 to July 10 and is an all-girls session.  If you know any girl who might like to attend  2 weeks at Asto Wamah, please pass this word along.

The second session of girls camp, July 11 to July 24 is full but the waiting list is relatively short.  Coed, July 25 to July 31, also has a waiting list.  There are not too many girls on the list however the boys' list is getting long.  The August 1 to 14 session is all boys.  It too is full but the waiting list only has a few names on it.

In a typical summer, there is quite a bit of movement on the waiting lists.  If you can be patient and child care is not a necessity, you can often get into the session you are hoping for through the waiting list.

As each application arrives the summer gets closer, the days get longer and the excitement builds.  Hope you will be a part of the fun this summer at Asto Wamah.