Spectacular Saturday

Hello Birch Bloggers, Today is Saturday, the halfway point in the session. This morning, campers who wanted to switch bunks were able to move from top to bottom, or bottom to top. This gives people the opportunity to try something new, or just be bunkmates with another one of their friends.  The rest of the day followed the normal schedule, but tonight we have an exciting surprise evening program.

In a few moments the campers will be partaking in a fabulous game called Mission to Mars.  This evening program has not been played in five years at girls’ camp. The campers will enjoy it because it is a combination of a few of our favorites: pirates, capture the flag, spies and smugglers. This game will have the girls running through the woods looking for cones, which represent parts of their space ship that has been crashed on mars. As this is going on, the other team acts as Martians who are trying to capture pieces of green paper from these “Earthlings” that will stop them from being successful in their mission.  What makes this game unique is that it is also a two-night game, the green team will have one night to be the Earthlings, and then will have another night to be the Martians (and vice versa). A lot of campers have been asking about this game, so it is exciting that we will finally be able to play!

Tomorrow is Sunday, which means that it is track meet day! The teams have been picked, so tomorrow everyone will compete in both individual and group events to earn points for their team. This is a special event that runs all day, giving campers a break from their normal schedule. Hopefully the weather holds out and we are able to compete! Be sure to check back tomorrow to hear about all of our fabulous events.

-The Birch Blogger