Track Meet Recap!

Hello Birch Bloggers!The weather had our track meet (scheduled Sunday) split into two days. Yesterday morning we were struck by rain, so instead of the regular events, we played a new dice game called Same or Die. It was created here at camp, and has become a fast favorite. The afternoon was met with sunshine, so we were able to do our morning events after rest hour. Campers competed in the running long jump, standing long jump, 50 yard dash and softball throw on the A-field. They were then given the opportunity to participate in the marathon, a half mile run from the field down Corduroy Road, the Camp Road, and finishing at the Cabin 5 wash stand.

We later competed in a set of group challenges which forced the girls to work as a team to earn points. The evening brought even more rain, so we had a game night in the lodge. Counselors selected their favorite board game, and campers were able to jump from game to game as they pleased.

Today, we had our regular classes, but before general swim, we did the Indian War Relay. The Indian War relay has campers running a baton from the top of the Camp Road down to the docks where it is passed to swimmers and boaters. The boaters bring the baton over to Hungerford Cove, and it is then run back to main camp and swam in to main dock. The green team walked away victorious, in what was a very close race!

Tonight we are either finishing up Mission to Mars, or playing games in the lodge. Campers have been looking forward to Mission to Mars, so hopefully the rain holds out and we are able to play. Tomorrow night is talent night, so stay tuned to hear all about our wonderful acts.

-The Birch Blogger