What a Wednesday!

It's been a wonderful day at Camp Asto Wamah! The day started off with a nice swim to Frog Island. There is a nice sandbar in the middle of Columbia Lake, about a quarter mile away from camp. Swimmers who are in a level six or seven swim class can participate in the swim, so during first period four or five campers each follow a row boat, being rowed by a lifeguard, out to Frog Island. Then the swimmers have a little break at the sand bar, when many will look for the perfect rock to keep as a souvenir, then the different teams turned back toward camp and made to to second period just a few minutes late.

Swimming classes have improved a great deal, and many of the girls are just about ready to pass to the next level. It is really wonderful seeing the girls become more confident in the water, especially when it is here that girls are first learning to swim and dive here. The girls are becoming more confident in general throughout all of their classes and even in their free time and decision making. What a great experience.

Today the LTs are putting on a carnival for the rest of camp. They have been working hard to come up with a theme, costumes, signs, and most importantly lots of fun Games for the campers to play. There will be lots of booths set up around the flagpole, arts & crafts room, upper and lower lodge, and porch area. Each camper will get a few beans that she will need to play the games (and get her face painted) and the girls have the chance to win more beans by beating the different games. It will be lots of fun for everyone!

Thanks for reading!

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