Banquet & Campfire

Hello there Birch Bloggers! We have had an exciting past two days here at Asto Wamah, but first, we would like to remind you that pick-up is TOMORROW from 8:30-10am.  We are all so sad that the first girls’ session has finally come to a close. Yesterday was banquet, a Thanksgiving-style meal that has everyone dressed up in green and white. Sue, the cook, served us a delicious meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry slices, and bread. This was followed by either chocolate chip cookie dough or chocolate caramel crunch. During banquet we sing plenty of songs, see a slideshow of pictures from the session, and campers receive year awards. Banquet is concluded with a candlelight service; it was too windy to put the candles on the lake, so we stood in a circle around the flagpole before blowing them all out.

Today was the final day of camp, so campers had one last chance to show off all of their newly acquired swimming and boating skills, and finish up any last minute arts and crafts projects. We were also finally able to finish our game of Mission to Mars in place of activity period. There was a bit of thunder, but we were still able to have our campfire this evening.

Campers were treated to s’mores and songs. They also were recognized if they passed in either swimming or boating, or if they placed in any of the track and field events. This has been another wonderful session here at camp, and we are sad to say goodbye to what has been an amazing group of girls this session. We hope they have enjoyed this session as much as we have!

One final REMINDER, please arrive between 8:30-10am TOMORROW MORNING to pick-up your campers!

-The Birch Blogger