A Beautiful Thursday at Camp

Hello Birch Bloggers! It was another perfect day at Columbia Lake! The weather was beautiful and everyone is having lots of fun. Today we ate wonderful cinnamon bread, one of my (and most campers) favorite breakfast breads. Then for lunch we had Sue's famous lasagna, and hamburgers for dinner - everyone's stomach's are full and happy! Classes ran smoothly, as usual. In arts and crafts, many of the campers are starting to sharpen their sewing skills, learning how to make pillows and cross stitch - you will be amazed by their skills when they return home. Sports classes played nuk'em and Kan-Jam, while swimming and boating classes went smoothly.

Campers just picked out teams for track and field day which we will have on Sunday. All of the campers are split into two teams, green and white and there will be different games and activities throughout the week, opportunities for campers to win points for their team. Tonight, to start off the competition, we are playing Pirate Gangs! This is an extremely fun game which takes place throughout most of camp. Campers are dressed in black and running around the camp look for a hidden treasure, trying to collect trash for extra points, and partaking in "gun battles" with girls on the other team. (Camp Asto Wamah guns are a small cloth tied with a rubber band to keep hold flour in it, so when a camper is hit, a small spot will appear on her dark clothes.) The girls all love the game and were so excited when they heard we were playing it!

That's all for now!

~ The Birch Blogger