Thrilling Thursday

Thursday was yet another beautiful day here at Camp Asto Wamah. We received a bit of rain last night, but all was well by morning time. We woke up this morning to everything being a bit damp, but we did not let that hold us back! For breakfast we had waffles and peanut butter, which was followed by cabin cleanup and camp duties time. When the first period bell rang, seniors were in the upper lodge for sports, lakeside was in the lake for swimming, and the hilltopers were making arts and crafts. Today marked the second day of our Secret Sister program here at camp. Last night each camper drew a name out of a bucket; this person was to be their secret sister for the next couple of days. Over the course of the program, everyone is expected to do something nice (give compliments, make a craft, help out, etc.) for their secret sister. The catch is that it is a secret! Tomorrow night we will have a big reveal, and so everyone will know who their secret sister was. This is a great way for campers to get to know someone new and maybe make a difference in someone’s day.

Tonight we enjoyed tacos with all the fixings (tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, hot sauce, etc.) with apple crisp for dessert. Everyone is currently up at the A-field where they are getting instructions on how to play King Dodge. This is another favorite amongst both the campers and staff. It is sure to tire everyone out and make for a good night’s sleep.

-The Birch Blogger