Wonderful Wednesday

Hello Birch Bloggers, Yesterday was a hot day that made it perfect for swimming on the lake! All of our classes ran smoothly, per usual, and in addition to our normally scheduled programming, we had a special visitor. Instead of activity period, we had Bwana Iguana, a reptile specialist, come as special entertainment. Each session we try to bring in special acts as a way to mix things up a bit. Bwana Iguana brought all types of reptiles: a box turtle, alligator, snakes, etc. This was both a fun and educational program for the campers.

Last night the campers played cops and robbers. This is both a camper AND counselor favorite! Cops and Robbers has campers running through the woods with numbered slips of paper looking for their match. The counselors act as cops who stop the campers and try and guess the color of their paper in order to win it from them. The game definitely tired everyone out, making for a sound night’s sleep.

Today we enjoyed bagels and oatmeal for breakfast, chicken parm and spaghetti for dessert, and then had a fun eat out for dinner! Every Wednesday and Thursday the kitchen staff has off once they are finished cleaning up after lunch. That means we have a meal of turkey and ham sandwiches along with as many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as each camper wants. The most fun part is that each cabin picks a different location to eat, some are on the A-field, Main Dock, different rafts, or on different picnic tables around camp. It is definitely a fun time.

Today was a windy day so sailors really enjoyed being out on Columbia Lake. Sports classes today went out to our ropes course; campers had to work together to accomplish a task on the different equipment. One class took to the Nitro Swing, each camper had to swing over and either land on an “island,” base, or wooden board. It seemed easy at first but then the campers had to put extra thought into their movements when the landing zones started getting more crowded. All of the girls had a great time!

Tonight we will be playing a rousing game of capture the flag! Capture the flag is always a fun game but it is even better on a big field with 40 to 50 people on either side. It’s fun seeing campers either sneak onto the other side to attempt to capture the other team’s flag or jail, or see them just sprint in a mad dash. We are confident that we will be able to get in a fun game before it begins to ran and we look forward to the rain bringing in a bit cooler weather!

- The Birch Blogger