Magnificent Monday!

What a fun first full day for our first girls session! We started the day off being woken up by our bell, just like every morning. Then all the campers gathered around to raise the flag, say the Pledge, and do Chicken Fat – a quick morning aerobics (jumping jacks, toes touches, etc). Then it was time for breakfast and we all enjoyed Sue’s blueberry bread. After breakfast campers head back to their cabins to clean up, get ready for classes, and also do a camp duty – every one helps make sure each cabin and the different buildings around camp are nice and clean, the way that we all want to use them.

Then classes began! Campers all have arts and crafts, swimming, boating, and sports throughout the day. We have three different options for boating classes, row-boats, canoes, and sailboats. Sports classes either played kickball or nuk’em (a fun game that is like the opposite of dodge ball, instead of trying to hit someone you want the ball to hit the ground). There are many different options within arts and crafts, many campers went to nature, basket making, or staying in class to make bracelets, geckos or pillows.

In the afternoon, we had a lovely general swim. The weather was perfect so all of the campers were able to swim around and enjoy Columbia Lake. In the afternoon counselor’s offer different activities and campers can decide what they want to do. Many campers signed up to go on The Hunter, our camp’s sailboat, the paddle-boards, or on the sunfish. Other options were volleyball, jumping off the tower, Kan-Jam, Spoons, and Apples-to-Apples. Everyone had a great time!

This evening we will be playing Spies and Smugglers. A game when half of the campers will try to smuggle a piece of paper with a point value up to the A-field while the other half of the campers are trying to stop them from getting the points up. After the game it will be time again for bed. It is always much easier for campers to fall asleep on the second night after a full day of running around.

Check back in tomorrow!

- The Birch Blogger