First Day of Girl's Camp!

Hello and welcome to the first day of the third session! Today we welcomed 87 girls to camp, but only 7 were completely new to Asto Wamah. The large number of returning campers allowed today to run smoothly. After moving into cabins, campers went on a tour of camp, learned the names of their cabinmates, and got a refresher of  the rules and daily schedule. At around 3 o’clock everyone gathered in the council ring (the logs next to the parking lot) to go over general rules and further introductions. Once rules were completed, we moved into swim classification for new campers. Each of the new campers were tested in either aquarium, intermediate, or deep water to see how well they could swim and what level they should be placed in. During this time, all returning campers had the opportunity to hang out, play nock hockey, and eat a snack of peanut butter crackers. The swim test wrapped up quickly and we were able to squeeze in a quick general swim. For those of you who don’t know, general swim is when everyone in camp goes in the lake at once for a swim.

For dinner we had the traditional first-night of camp meal, hot dogs, baked beans, tater tots, with brownies for dessert. The campers are currently enjoying a bit of downtime before the bell rings for evening program. Tonight we will playing a classic beginning-of-the-session game, medical war. Medical war is a dodgeball game where there are “medics” who can go around and save people who get “out” by being hit with a dodgeball. As it is the first night of camp, we expect some will have difficulty adjusting to sleeping in a new environment. Hopefully they will be so exhausted from the game that they fall right to sleep! Tomorrow is our first full day of the third session, so be sure to check back for a complete update.

-The Birch Blogger