The Last Day!

After a chilly night, we awoke to a day of sunshine! Breakfast was cereal and Wamah Golden Bread, a plain sweet bread. This morning's classes were exciting, since campers learned whether or not they had passed swimming and boating classes! As we told campers in a Morning Thought today, there are much more important things about camp (making new friends, learning things about yourself, having fun) than passing a class, so no one should be sad about not moving up to the next level. Everyone certainly worked hard and showed great improvement this session! Sports classes took a nature walk, visiting various camp sites and learning about different spots of camp. Arts and Crafts classes were a little different today, because campers had already finished their projects. Instead of crafting, hilltoppers did Zumba, and lakesiders did a nature scavenger hunt. Canoeing and sailing classes, and anyone with free time this morning, helped to clean the boats and put them away for the winter. It is sad to see the lake empty of sailboats! Dinner was a camp favorite--lasagna! Bread and salad were served on the side, and lemon bars followed for dessert!

After a nice Rest Hour, campers gathered on the A-field for a game, to replace 4th period. We played a modified kickball game, Run Around Town. In this game, one team lines up between two cones for their offensive round. One of their team members kicks the ball and then must run around their lined-up team as many times as they can before the other team stops them. The defensive team plays in the field and must catch the ball, line up, and pass the ball between everyone's legs, at which point the play is over. It was fun! After the game, we had our usual General Swim to cool off. Then, we had Activity Period, with knock-hockey and tetherball tournaments, frisbee golf, and an '80's themed Zumba party.

After such an active afternoon, everyone was ready for a hearty supper of meatball grinders, applesauce, cucumbers, and chips, with apple crisp for dessert- yum!!

Now, campers are beginning to pack their belongings, taking everything off the clotheslines and cabin shelves in preparation for tomorrow. When they finish cleaning up, we will have our traditional end-of-session campfire! Campers will gather in the council ring for s'mores, singing, and boating, swimming, archery, and track meet awards.

While campers are sad to be leaving tomorrow, they are also very excited to see their families!! Please come between 8:30 and 10 to pick up your child.

Thanks for reading the Birch Blog!

-the Birch Blogger