Banquet Thursday!

Today was another beautiful day on the lake! Campers enjoyed bagels with cream cheese and cereal for breakfast this morning followed by a normal daily schedule.Campers who passed into an advanced level in boating took out boats by themselves during general swim. Campers who passed into a different swim area got a chance to swim in that area during general swim later on today. Tomorrow night they will receive their certificates at our final campfire of camp! If the campers didn’t pass yet they have one more day to show their teachers their stuff. The campers then enjoyed a lunch of egg salad, tuna salad, ham, turkey, pb and j, with pickles, chips, and pudding for dessert.  The staff then got ready for banquet! Counselors moved tables into the upper lodge, compiled the Birch Barker, and got the candles ready for the candlelight service. During rest hour, one camper was sent from each cabin to be the candlelight reader and receive their bible verse about the goodness of light. This person is chosen because of their hard work, effort, and enthusiasm for camp.

The campers went to general swim and fourth period class. Then some went jumping off the tower for the first time if they passed into level four. Other activities offered for activity period were, games on the A- field,  finishing up projects in arts and crafts, and aquarium games. Others got ready for banquet.

All cleaned up, campers went to the last Banquet of the summer! Banquet is our traditional last Thursday night meal and evening program. We started with a supper of turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, and stuffing.  We then had Shady Glen ice cream(mint chocolate chip and chocolate caramel crunch) to finish this WONDERFUL meal.

We then sang lots of songs, received year awards (based on how many years you’ve come to camp), watched a slide show of the session, and had our candlelight service. Today the weather was perfect for putting our candles in the lake.

It was a great day at Asto Wamah. Check back here tomorrow to find out how campfire and the last day of camp went!

- The Birch Blogger