September Update

Dear Campers, Staff and Friends of Asto Wamah, During the 7-week 2013 season, 321 campers and 68 staff members took part in the community we call Asto Wamah.  Through positive social interactions and the development of friendships, we engaged in game playing, productive work, the expression of creative talents, the introduction and mastery of a variety of skills, and the opportunity to increase our ability to live in harmony with the natural environment.  What a wonderful summer we had together.  We all learned a great deal and returned home better for the experience.   Thank you to all of you for your contributions to the success of the summer!

Now that Asto Wamah’s 104th season is over, camp is quiet except for the scurrying of the chipmunks and the rustling of the leaves.  It is strangely peaceful after 7 weeks filled with talk, laughter and lots of activity.  Even the lake seems to be entering a time of rest.  The rafts have been brought into shallow water and safe harbor for the next 9 months.  All of the canoes have been packed into the activity room along with the sunfish. The rowboats are lined up in front of Old 6 awaiting the leaves that will soon cover them.  No more bells or whistles or shouting.  We have left and nature takes back its rightful place until June arrives and another season begins.

Hope your new school year has gotten off to a glorious start and your memories of your time at Asto Wamah this summer are happy and fond.

Watch for the Blog around the first of every month so that you can keep up with Asto Wamah’s off-season.