Friday - Day Six!!!!!!

Hello Birch Blog readers! Sorry for the lack of blog yesterday! Camp gets so busy! Last night before evening program, we announced the beginning of a three day long activity, new to this year. It is called secret sisters. Each camper and cabin counselor drew a name from a basket and now have three days to send their secret sister a positive message, a friendship bracelet,  or a simple, yet thoughtful, gift they crafted. The campers are really excited about this program and are doing well at keeping their sister a secret.  The evening program last night was King Dodge, another fun dodgeball game.  The campers also had a vespers on Hygiene. The campers listened to a rendition of the "Twelve days of Christmas", only the words were about the twelve days of camp! We have reminded all campers that they should have taken a shower or two by now :D

We had a very rainy Friday today but still filled with lots of fun! Camp slept in (an extra half hour) before breakfast.  For breakfast we enjoyed Sue's Cinnamon Bread, cereal, orange juice, and delicious hot chocolate. Morning classes had to be inside today because of all the rain. Swimmers got to play lots of rounds of Scategories. Boating classes went over the parts of the boat and other rules. Sports classes got to play team bonding games.

Dinner today was Sweedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, and greenbeans! Campers awoke to more rain so instead of a general swim we played counselor trivia. The campers got to learn a lot of fun facts about their counselors and compete to find which fact belonged to which counselor. The campers then went to a shortened fourth period and activity period. They played many board/card games in the upper lodge. The campers had a supper of chicken melts, chicken- rice soup, chips, and pickles.  They feasted on vanilla cake with chocolate frosting for dessert! YUM!

Now the campers are inside again for evening program. They are playing a reverse scavenger hunt game. Reverse Scavenger Hunt, involves cabins collectively bringing 10 items from the cabin to use as props in skits. They are given a scenario, such as impersonating a counselor, acting out a pop concert, or doing some sort of camp activity, and then have a few minutes to prepare a skit and perform it for the other cabins in their area of camp. For each scenario, the cabin with the funniest skit gets a point.  Because the skits involve a lot of improvisation, everyone always laughs a lot during this game!Tomorrow the secret sisters will be revealed and we will get ready for Sunday's Track Meet!

I hope you check back tomorrow for more news from Wamah!

-The Birch Blogger