Sweet Saturday-

Today we awoke to the smell of bagels wafting throughout the camp, on this fine sunny morning. They also ate honeydew melon and cereal! Today was the half-way mark of the session, so campers had the opportunity to switch bunks, from bottom to top, or top to bottom. They then cleaned the cabins and camp as usual. The  schedule was pretty regular this morning, although there was SO much sunshine! Dinner was ravioli, baguettes, and salad with ranch. They also enjoyed pears for dessert. The campers went to rest hour and then enjoyed a general swim to cool off. The activities offered today were paddle boards, sailing on the Hunter, Zumba, and games in the upper lodge. Today was another kitchen's night out, so the campers had a cookout this evening for supper. They feasted on hot dogs, pasta salad, carrots, chips, and cookies for dessert. They enjoyed eating in a seat of their choice outside around the lodge. Tonight for evening program, campers will reveal their secret sister! Campers have enjoyed doing scavenger hunts and receiving thoughtful notes and gifts. They will also play a special game of Soccer called, Triad. It is basically a three team soccer match with the whole camp playing! It will be a ton of fun!

Tomorrow is our Sunday Track Meet. Campers will enjoy the friendly competition between the green and white team.  There will be a TON to report so be sure to check back here for the low down!

Til Tomorrow!

-The Birch Blogger