Wonderful Wednesday!!!

Hello Birch Bloggers! Camp really feels like it is in full swing, the campers all have a schedule and lots of new friends and are all confidently moving around the camp like they have been here for ages. Today was a fun camp day starting with Chicken Fat (our quick morning exercise and then some tasty waffles. Peanut butter was served with the waffles, a long standing camp tradition, and while new campers thought the idea of putting peanut butter on their waffles was a bit funny they agreed, after trying it, that it is delicious!

It was much easier for everyone to jump into the lake today with the warmer weather and their was a nice breeze on the lake all day; the sailors looked like they were having a great time sailing all around the lake. Arts and Crafts included lots of pillow making, bracelet beading, and lots of types of decorating. Campers have an opportunity to go on a nature activity during their Arts and Crafts class. Today the nature instructors lead a scavenger hunt, campers worked in two teams to find different things (twigs, moss, acorns, etc.) which fit different adjectives like fragile, hardest, smooth, and so on. The campers got to walk around camp with a different perspective to the nature around them.

Lunch today was a wonderful meal of Shepard's Pie with salad and whole wheat bread and some tasty pears for dessert. Campers had a nice rest during rest hour topped off with a candy bar and a letter from home, then they hopped right into the lake for general swim.

During activity period the card games Spoons was a favorite activity, there were also plenty of row boats, canoes, and sailboats on the water. Campers also jumped off the tower, got to go for a ride on the hunter, or play some volleyball on the A-Field.

Every Wednesday and Saturday our hardworking kitchen staff has dinner and the rest of the day off after lunch so we all get to participate in Eat-Out. Eat-Out includes making a sandwich or two right after activity period. Counselors choose a spot on camp to bring their campers, some cabins ate on the rafts, the A-Field, or in the Counsel Ring. The weather was perfect for eat out tonight! The campers are now putting on their dark clothing for evening program tonight. Tonight's game is PIRATES! The campers are split into two teams and are given a “pirate gun”. The gun is a cloth filled with flour. The teams roam throughout the camp/woods trying to tag each other with their pirate gun. The  campers are all dressed in dark clothing so they will be able to tell if they are hit by a gun. If they get hit by a member of the opposing team, then they have to give up their pirate gun, which are worth points. While the two teams ‘battle’ each other for guns they are also looking for their teams’ hidden treasure. Somewhere in camp, two jugs (treasures) are hidden and if they are found the teams get many extra points. It is going to be a great game.

Til tomorrow night!

- The Birch Blogger