Terrific day Two, Tuesday!

Hello again Birch Bloggers! The campers came down to flagpole today bundled up in their sweatshirts and long pants, but no one was complaining especially when they saw the delicious cornbread and hot chocolate on the breakfast table. After breakfast the campers smoothly moved to clean the cabin and get to their camp duties. The first Tuesday of camp is always a fun day because the campers have learned all of the rules for swimming, boating, and the camp schedule so they can move from one class to the next with plenty of time for each activity. Most sports classes today played a fun and fast moving game of ultimate ball, a combination of football, handball, and ultimate Frisbee.

Lunch today was baked ziti with salad and rolls - a meal that quickly puts a wide smile onto everyone's face. Campers sang songs like Princess Pat, The Girls of Asto Wamah, and The Littlest Worm as they waited for their jello desserts. Then the campers moved to their cabins for a nice, relaxing rest hour. Since it was a little chilly after rest hour, campers were given the option to go in for general swim or they could head up to the A-Field for a few rounds Non-Stop Cricket. This game gave some campers a chance to run around and work together. There were still lots of swimmers who were very happy to jump right into the lake, everyone had a fun time!

The class schedule continued as many first years campers got their turn to row a boat for the first time. The smiles on their faces where priceless when they started to get the rhythm of the oars down and moved a big, heavy boat with four or five passengers inside!

During Activity Period campers had the option to jump off the Tower, go sailing in the Hunter, play aquarium games, or go paddle boarding.

Dinner was next, but first the campers learned who won cabin inspection. Cabins One, Old Six, and Six got the winning flag this time! The whole camp went to the lodge for some delicious chicken fajitas and rich chocolate cake.

The evening program game tonight is Spies and Smugglers! Half the campers, the smugglers, will be given paper with a certain number of points to smuggle from the lodge to the A-field. Popular smuggling strategies include hiding the paper in secret pockets, and/or running as fast as possible to avoid being tagged by the spies. The spies will try to catch the smugglers and guess where their paper is hidden. Spies have three guesses, and if they do not find the paper, the smugglers continue on their way. It is sure to be an exciting game!

Signing off for now!

The Birch Blogger