Merry Monday!

Welcome back blog followers! Today I was given a challenge for the blog. I have to do it in a rhyme so here we go...

Today the campers awoke on chilly Columbia lake,

Sue was in the kitchen ready to bake.

She made French toast slices with maple syrup too,

 she didn't have much left over, there were so few!

The campers went back to their cabins, full to the max,

for they had to clean the cabin, do camp duties, get ready for their classes and put sunscreen on their backs!

The day was a sunny one, but windy gusts kept the temperature low,

 The campers were a little chilly in the water but the sailors couldn't wait to go!

The campers started arts and crafts projects such as, bead/string bracelets, gimp, and journals galore,

The sports classes played Nuke 'Em ( a dodgeball game) and all the campers wanted to play more!

The Dinner today was chicken tenders with bbq and ketchup, green beans, and rice,

But the best part of the meal was the butterscotch pudding,which was oh so nice!

The campers went to the store for a  little extra sweet treat,

they were so excited by all the choices they could choose to eat!

Skittles, M&M's, Reeses's, and mentos were popular choices,

as long as during rest hour they kept down their voices.

The campers awoke after an hour of rest,

to go in for a general swim which was THE Best!

The campers then went to play games with the counselors, a period of fun activities and leisure time.

they went fishing, boating, jumping of the tower, and played badminton( a hard word to rhyme),

Supper tonight was a splendid feast,

we ate pulled pork beast!

The sandwiches were accompanied by applesauce,chips, and carrot sticks

The dessert was warm apple crisp,  a dessert that every camper picks!

The game on the field is Capture the Flag,

 The whole camp plays and tries to capture an old potato bag.

Tonight the campers will be read a story they chose,

then they will fall asleep quickly, I suppose :D

-The Birch Blogger