First day of Second Session Girls!

Welcome back Blog Followers! Excited new and old campers rolled down the camp road today at 1 o'clock ready for a full two weeks today! Campers got settled in their cabins and learned (or re-learned) the ropes at Camp Asto Wamah. The campers were first introduced to their counselors and their cabin-mates then went over rules, cabin goals, got a tour of the camp and played some fun ice breakers to get the conversations flowing. Staff members came around to check which boating and swimming classes the campers are in along with seeing if the campers would like to participate in Tennis or Archery during sports class.

When the first bell rang, all the campers and staff sat at our council ring. Nancy gave a warm welcome to all of the campers and went over camp life and expectations - a place where everyone is treated fairly and everyone fits in. Next we introduced the campers to all of our staff including counselors, Sue the cook, kitchen staff, our nurse, boating and swimming directors.

First year campers had their swimming classifications to see which level they would be in for swimming classes and general swim. This gave returning campers some time to catch up with old friends around the tether ball pole, knock hockey tables, and ping-pong table.

The next bell that rang was for our cookees to set up the dinner table and then for our traditional first meal of hot dogs and tater tots with Sue's delicious brownies for dessert, YUM.

As I blog the campers are listening to the rules for tonight's evening program - Medical War! Medical War is always played on the first night, it is a game of dodge ball with a twist. Each team has two medics and four guards; when a player gets out the medic can run to them and bring them back into the game! This is definitely a camp favorite of many returning campers.

It might be a bit too chilly tonight for a Quick Dip in the lake tonight but the cool weather will definitely make it easier to sleep on this first night. Counselors have already picked out what books they will be reading to the cabins throughout these two weeks- a relaxing tradition to help the campers to calm down and fall asleep better at night.

Thank you for reading and we will be back to give all the details on the first full day of camp tomorrow night!